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With an open-mindedness to best practices, the team at Source has been developing and fine tuning their successful home-based accounting services business model since 1994 (which ultimately led to the founding of our consulting practice in 2005).   Source understands the obstacles our clients face and has carefully developed proven solutions.

The Client Challenge

Source’s property management clients experience some of the same challenges.  One common challenge is difficulty finding and retaining quality staff accounting talent for sometimes “rote” accounting tasks necessary to service hundreds of apartment communities across the country.  They also have other obstacles that include:

  • Under-utilized technology
  • Cyclical work that results in staff “down time”
  • A need for mixed skill sets (entry level and analytical)
  • A lack of challenging work for talented staff
  • Weak staff that don’t leave on their own
  • Expensive recruiting and retention costs
  • A short supply of quality staff accounting recruits
  • Acquisitions and dispositions that require staffing flexibility/and office scalability
  • Rising benefit costs

Our Solution

At Source, we’re dedicated to helping your organization be as efficient and streamlined as possible.  Read about the professional profile that works and why our business model is so successful.  Learn More.

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