Discover our formula for finding work/life balance.

Trying to balance an accounting career and home is never easy. We want to stay in the workforce, but often feel demands of a growing family pull us away from a professional career.  The team at Source understands.

The Career Challenge

  • Commuting is expensive and time consuming
  • Other work related costs are rising
  • Cannot find work/life balance
  • Want part-time, flexible hours

Creative work situations and flexible arrangements are not always successful for a variety of reasons:

  • Boundaries are crossed
  • Job is not well defined or hasn’t been properly adapted
  • Infrastructure for remote access is not stable forcing need for physical presence
  • Part-time pay for part-time job becomes part-time pay for full-time job
  • More or less hours than promised
  • Co-worker resentment

Our Solution

At Source Property Accounting, we’re dedicated to finding solutions to the work/life challenge.  Read more about the professional profile that works and why our business model is so successful.  Learn More.

Added Benefits

A Genuinely Profitable Home Business

  • Fixed pricing and working smart results in higher hourly pay
  • Predictable income stream
  • Special projects may be available for additional income
  • Ability to provide accounting services to other businesses
  • Tax benefits of running a home business

Keep Your Professional Momentum

  • Utilize the most recent technology to allow for remote access
  • Stay abreast of changes in the industry, in accounting practices, and advances in technology as it relates to accounting operations
  •  Be connected to other professionals through teleconferencing and periodic on-site meetings – learn and share

Be There For Your Familyy

  •  Have flexibility with tasks that can be done throughout the month
  •  Know predictable times when you must hold office hours (i.e. month end close)
  •  Be available for family emergencies

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