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Source Property Accounting, LLC (“Source”), based in Richmond, Virginia sprung from an idea our founder Carol Layton implemented while working as a senior executive for a multi-family real estate company – all because of a business problem that needed solving.  Faced with high turnover, high overhead, and a shortage of quality talent, Carol took her previous telecommuting experience from Arlington, Virginia based REIT Avalon Bay and fine-tuned the concept of using experienced accounting professionals seeking work/life balance to perform certain accounting tasks from home. She and her team have successfully reengineered and instituted her home-based accounting model at property management companies (including REITs) across the country.

Source Property Accounting began in April, 2005 as a provider of remote accounting services and accounting operations consulting for property management companies.

Our primary focus is to:

  • evaluate and streamline accounting processes for companies that have or desire remote access capability
  • restructure in-house accounting tasks so experienced, degreed independent contractors can do the work from home
  • reduce turnover, lower overhead and improve the quality of accounting work and staff for clients

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